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News & events

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Final Conference

PRIME held its final conference at the Royal Society in London on 7 April. Over 125 practitioners and policy markers from national government, law enforcement, security agencies, academia, think tanks and community organisations attended the event. 

Internal project events

  • 2017, 6 April - London, United Kingdom. King's College London hosted the project's eighth and final Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2016, 8 December - Jerusalem, Israel. Hebrew University Jerusalem hosted the project's seventh Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2016, 8-9 September - London, United Kingdom. University College London hosted the project's sixth Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2016, 6-7 June - Aarhus, Denmark. University of Aarhus hosted the project's fifth Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2016, 1 April - The Hague, The Netherlands. University of Leiden hosted the project's fourth Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2015, 10-11 December - Aarhus, Denmark. University of Aarhus hosted a PRIME workshop on the development of the radicalisation and attack preparation scripts, attended by colleagues from University of Leiden and University College London. Researchers from Bielefeld University presented preliminary results of the German project TARGET on "Highly Expressive Targeted Violence", comparing school shooters and lone actor terrorists.
  • 2015, 17-18 September - Warsaw, Poland. University of Warsaw hosted the project's third Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2015, 22-23 February - Jerusalem, Israel. Hebrew University Jerusalem hosted the project's second Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2014, 21 October - London, United Kingdom. King's College London hosted the project's first Steering Committee meeting.
  • 2014, 11-12 June - London, United Kingdom. The Project Kick-Off Meeting took place over two days at University College London.